Get Personal Loans With Zero Fees | Get Instant Education Loan

Get Personal Loans With Zero Fees | Get Instant Education Loan

We have been a reliable and competent partner for loans and real estate financing for our customers for more than 40 years. To date, we have disbursed over a quarter of a million loans, helping to make our customers’ dreams big and small come true (as of 2018).

We concentrate exclusively on the private customer business. Our goal is to tailor our offer to your needs. This enables us to offer attractive conditions and high-quality advice for all products and services.

As an independent service provider, we work together with the leading German and European credit banks and can therefore make many things possible. Maxda is one of the largest financial service providers in Germany.

Maxda helps quickly, reliably, and seriously

Our many years of experience as a specialist for loans with and without Schufa registration as well as a friendly team are at your side with all questions regarding the fulfillment of your loan requests.

We offer general-purpose loans from EUR 1,500 to EUR 250,000 for any purpose. In addition to installment loans, our offer also includes mortgage loans and civil service loans. Money for those in a hurry, because you are worth it to us: We ensure the immediate, 100% payment of your loan by post or bank transfer, and help you to achieve your financial independence quickly and unbureaucratically.

With us, you will be taken seriously. In this way, we can help quickly and unbureaucratically even in apparently hopeless cases. We also offer you special loans without a Schufa entry.

How long does it take to process my loan application?

After you have submitted your loan request, you will receive an e-mail with information about all the information and documents that we need to check your loan request.

On the same day that we receive your signed documents, we will carefully examine your loan and contact you to discuss the conditions and options with you. If nothing stands in the way of the loan request, we will find the cheapest loan for you among many banks from which we receive premium conditions for you.

If you wish, we can also advise you on-site and advise you on completing the loan agreement. Please consider that a bank transfer can take up to three working days. (no bookings are made on weekends and public holidays). Tip: Enter your email AND phone number in your loan request so that we can reach you as quickly as possible if we have any questions. With a credit bureau-free loan, the processing time can take up to a week.

How does an online loan request work with Maxda?

You can now easily apply for a loan online – even by mobile phone.

We check your loan application individually and free of charge, advise you comprehensively personally and offer you fair conditions – even in difficult cases. If you are of legal age and earn at least 850 euros net per month, apply for your Maxda online loan with just a few clicks.

And that’s how easy it works:

Contact us using the online form.

You will then be taken directly to the loan application.

Fill it out online and simply take a picture of your salary statement with your smartphone and upload it.

We will review your loan application on the same day. Our financial experts will contact you personally to discuss the conditions with you.

Then we will arrange your desired loan for you.

If no loan agreement is concluded, you will of course not incur any costs.

What loan amounts does Maxda offer?

You can choose any loan you want between 1,500 and 250,000 euros

What personal information is required for a loan brokerage?

As a rule, information such as your name, date of birth, address, marital status, and information about your financial situation (salary, pension, rent, income, etc.) is required for loan brokerage. Personal data must be submitted truthfully in order to enable fast and serious loan processing.

What is a loan without Schufa?

With a loan without a Credit bureau, no Credit bureau entry is made. The reason for this is that a loan without Credit Bureau is granted by a foreign bank. You can view your Schufa data at at any time after legitimation.

How high can a loan without Schufa be?

The current maximum amount for a loan without Credit Bureau is 7,500 euros per person.

Who can get a loan without Schufa at Maxda?

After our careful examination, there is the possibility for employees, workers, and civil servants with a regular monthly income of more than 1,330 euros and an age between 18 and 65 years to get a loan without Schufa.


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